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Daring. Talented. Fearless

NW Dance Project

An award-winning, bold, and innovative contemporary dance company performing an all-original repertoire from a select roster of accomplished choreographers and the most promising new talents in contemporary dance.

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January 1, 2022 | Posts


Oregonians have done an admirable job keeping themselves and each other safe through the pandemic and it’s paying off! We are now able to once again have (limited numbers of) dancers with us in the studio for youth and adult ...


March 21, 2022 | Posts


A joyous celebration of the power of live art in this time of isolation. We were so thrilled to have offered our first live dance+music performances in over six months. A big thank you to all our fans, subscribers, and donors for your ongoing support — we couldn’t do it without...


July 18, 2022 | Press


Stephanie Domurat from More Good Day Oregon caught up with NW Dance Project dancer Franco Nieto to learn more about the company’s new “At Home” virtual dance classes for adults and youth launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting social...

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July 18, 2022 | Press


Stephanie Domurat from More Good Day Oregon caught up with NW Dance Project dancer Franco Nieto to learn more about the company’s new “At Home” - cutting off to show shorter text...


July 18, 2022 | Press

German Tour Review

Great review from our German tour from Main Post – Schweinfurt FEB 17, 2020: The guest performance of NW Dance Project in the sold-out theater begins with a bang. The company from Portland (Oregon) had already introduced itself in November 2016 as part of the international dance gala “Dance is the Key”. The dancers...

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Quincie Bean

Quincie Bean was raised in Utah and began dancing at the young age of 3.



Ihsan Rustem

Ihsan Rustem, NW Dance Project’s Resident Choreographer, was born in London and studied from 1998-2000 at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, during in which time he was a member of the National Youth Dance Company.



Highland, Utah

Member Since



Quincie Bean

Quincie Bean was raised in Utah and began dancing at the young age of 3. She completed her pre-professional training at Provo Civic Ballet before moving to Santa Fe. Quincie joined Modas Dance’s year-round program in Santa Fe, under the direction of Layla Amis. Her next move took her to Chicago where she danced for Cocodaco Dance Project, NOW Dance Project, and Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre. She has also performed with Project Flux and LED in Boise. Additional performances include Chicago Sinfonietta, Dance for Life in Chicago, Chicago Ideas Festival, and Festival Prisma Danza in Panama. She has performed works by Lauren Edson, David Maurice, Alex Ketley, and Garrett Smith, among others. Quincie participated in multiple summer projects at NW Dance Project and joined the company in 2021.

Woolf Papers


Sarah Slipper

World Premiere

July 2016


Jeff Forbes

Costume Design

Cassie Ridgway

Set Design

Chris Andrews

Inspired by Virgina Woolf’s “Mrs. Dalloway,” Sarah Slipper’s reinvention of the classic novel is an outstanding model of contemporary dance, provocative, theatrical, and deeply moving.



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NW Dance Project was founded in Portland in 2004 by acclaimed dancer, mentor and choreographer Sarah Slipper. NW Dance Project is dedicated to the creation and performance of innovative, new contemporary dance works from established and emerging dance makers created in an open and artistically stimulating environment.

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NW Dance Project has fostered the creation and Portland premiere of nearly 300 original contemporary dance works to date. Our dedication to providing dancers and dance makers the resources and creative room needed to realize new, inspired dance works led Dance International Magazine to proclaim that we are “changing the way dance is created” and that NW Dance Project has become “a laboratory, factory and repository for risk-taking new works from the next generation of choreographers from Europe and North America.”

In order to produce the next wave of significant dance works, we are also committed to advancing dance education and community involvement. In March 2014, NW Dance Project opened our beautiful new 8,500 square foot well-appointed Creative Center in the heart of Portland’s Inner Eastside, where we lead dance education for adults and children through our various projects, intensives, workshops and classes as well as opportunities for established and emerging dance makers to choreograph and refine new works set on our company of classically trained, fearless contemporary company dancers.

Because dance cannot survive without new audiences and a deepened appreciation of the art form, we strive to engage individuals and communities with dance through accessible performances by our company, studio sessions, dance samplers, outdoor performances, special events, master classes, collaborations with artists of other performing arts and visual genres and conversation with artists. We even do the unexpected – bringing performances to the streets, coffee shops, hospitals and the occasional escalator in shopping malls! We also love offering the experience of dance and ongoing, interactive dance education programs for young, challenged members of our community through our cost-free Dance Moves program and holding free public performances as often as possible.

“ essential part of the city’s arts scene.”

The Oregonian


NW Dance Project celebrates, supports, and represents excellence in dance. NW Dance Project is dedicated to creating and performing inspired, original contemporary dance works from the field’s most talented choreographers from around the world and to providing the finest dance training available for all. We perform, educate, create, cultivate, and champion diversity while engaging and deepening public appreciation and support of dance.




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Sarah Slipper

Artistic Director

Sarah Slipper was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, and received her professional training at the Royal Ballet School in London, England and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. In 1980, she made her professional debut with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet as a corps de ballet member, and became one of the company’s leading dramatic ballerinas. Ms. Slipper worked closely with many internationally renowned directors, choreographers and teachers, including Arnold Spohr, Rudi van Dantzig, Hans van Manen, Jirí Kylián, Agnes de Mille, Galina Yordanova, and Alla Savchenko. Ms. Slipper was noted for her classical line and dramatic abilities, dancing the principal roles in classical ballets such as Swan Lake, Les Sylphides, Giselle, and The Nutcracker. In addition to the classical repertoire, she received worldwide acclaim for her performances of contemporary ballets, most notably Nobert Vesak’s The Ecstasy of Rita Joe and the award winning Belong pas de deux.

“Sarah Slipper is truly gifted. This is what dance should be … she found the point at which the form of dance (steps, technique, feet, performance) combine to create a work of art.”

The News Record

After Ms. Slipper left the stage, she continued her passion for music and drama, studying theatre at the honours level at the University of Winnipeg, and in Oxford, England. During the 1996/97 season, she served as ballet mistress of Alberta Ballet, and from 1997/99 as ballet mistress of Oregon Ballet Theatre. Ms. Slipper’s command of classical and contemporary styles is demonstrated in her active role of teaching and coaching younger dancers. As a guest master teacher, Ms. Slipper has worked with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Washington Ballet, Ballet Austin, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, The Jefferson Dancers and the Dance Departments of the University of Utah, Cornish College of the Arts, and the University of Iowa.

Performance starring Dancer and Dancer, 2016

An award winning independent choreographer, Ms. Slipper is presently based in Portland, Oregon, creating dance worldwide. She has worked with prominent dance companies including the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, Oregon Ballet Theatre, Nashville Ballet, Washington Ballet, Ballet Jorgen, Louisville Ballet, Fugate/Bahiri BalletNY, Alberta Ballet, Ballet Pacifica, Cornish Dance Theater, NW Dance Project and The Jefferson Dancers. She was awarded the Grand Prize for Choreography at the International Choreographic Competition Saint Sauveur 2000 for her ballet Shattered Night, which was created on the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. During her choreographic residency at Festival des Arts in Quebec, Canada, her ballet A River In A Dry Land, was described by the Montreal Gazette as “one of the finest choreographies produced in residency.” Ms. Slipper’s works have been described as “absolutely remarkable … grippingly pits breezy romanticism against a sinister undercurrent.” (The Oregonian) and “… a complete, enclosed world, a somber yet hopeful winter landscape across which the three couples thread in a long, smoothly unfolding skein of dance.” (The New York Times)

A Fine Balance

A Fine Balance, her pas de deux created during the first year of NW Dance Project, was a finalist for the prestigious Benois de la Danse award in 2006 and was performed at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow as part of the award’s gala celebration.

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Ms. Slipper has created over 40 ballets to date and is currently working on several new creations while serving as the Artistic Director of NW Dance Project.

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